Webinar T&S Group : “How to successfully integrate a test bench”

19 June 2020
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INEVA, a T&S group company, and its partner National Instruments give you the keys to successfully integrate your test bench.

Reduced time-to-market, normative constraints, cost-savings, issues related to cybersecurity… in this constantly changing environment, what are the new rules for successful integration of your test bench?

Join us on Thursday 25th June at 11am to find out how to boost your capacity for innovation and increase your added value. We will answer all your questions!

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Main topics

Below are some examples of the topics covered:

  • What are the new constraints in terms of testing and control?
  • How to successfully integrate a test bench into IT and Hardware factory environment?
  • What are the keys to reduce costs and optimise the design and manufacture of a test bench?

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