Nicolas, tell us about your background! Ever since I was a child, I dreamt to be a fighter pilot. However, my sight problems forced me to give up on my dream. So I went to an engineering school without any clue about what I would do next. That’s when I came across the industrial field: […]


Junior Consultant, working for T&S since July 2017. Dominik, what is your background? Since my early age, I have always been interested in motor vehicles. This led me to train as a car mechanic. After my training, as I wanted to learn more about vehicles, I decided to study automotive engineering in Berlin. During this […]


Operations Director IT, works for T&S since July 2020 Michaël, what’s your background? First of all, I have a scientific background with a master’s degree in molecular biochemistry which I completed with a master’s degree in NTIC 20 years ago. That allowed me to start in the IT business as a web developer in a […]


Senior Consultant, working for T&S since 2010. Matthieu, what is your background? I grew up at a time when the computer world was booming (Amstrad, Thomson TO7/MO5, PC…) and in a world where technology has become unavoidable and I naturally moved towards a course of study with a predominantly electronic focus. After passing my Bac […]


Junior consultant, works for T&S since January 2019 Axel, what is your academic background? When I was young my dream was to become a helicopter pilot. I then started to grow curious about mechanics of motorcycles. I was always attracted by motorsports. Therefore, I completed my studies at the school of automotive, aeronautic and transport […]


Junior consultant, working for T&S since March 2019 What is your academic background? After a scientific bachelor’s degree and a “Classe préparatoire” in PCSI (Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Sciences) in Pau, I did a DUT in Toulouse specialised in Computer and Industrial Electronics Engineering (from 2013 to 2015) to go back to my initial passion: […]


Junior consultant, works for T&S since March 2019 Sylvain, what is your academic background? After obtaining my scientific bachelor’s degree, I hesitated between going for STAPS (Science and techniques of sports activities) or a DUT GEII (Electrical engineering and industrial computing). I set my mind on the second option because it offered more exciting opportunities. […]


Junior consultant, works for T&S since February 2019 Mathieu, what is your academic background? Since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed DIY. I watched videos on YouTube and make my own creations. I really enjoyed my first programming classes in high school. I liked it, but I didn’t know how to put this into practice […]


Quality coordinator, works for T&S since March 2018 Maxime, what is your academic background? In high school, I chose to specialize in finance and accounting. I then completed my studies with a DUT GEA (Companies and Administration management) in Schiltigheim. Through my experiences, I realized that this career path was not the best fit for […]


HR Manager France, working for T&S since September 2009 “I joined T&S in September 2009 as part of my Master’s degree in HR. T&S had only 40 employees. After a year, I joined the group on a permanent contract. On a daily basis, my role is to manage Human Resources (recruitment / Training / Career […]